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It is with great pleasure and with a sense of honour that I am writng these few words expressing my feelings which I had through out the series of events held with regard to the awarding of President's and Regimental Colours to my glorious Regiment of Artillery by His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa the President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.
I was very much pleased to receive all the invitation cards at my residence delivered by a smart Gunner Officer. The Colour Parade indicated for all of us where we stand among the other Regiments in the Sri Lanka Army. If any body did an assessment of the Colour Parade I doubt that he will find a suitable word to use for his assessment. It was very much above in the excellent category. The Colour Parade gave a very good indication for all of us that it was an excellent product of hard and dedicated job of all ranks of Gunners under the leadership of Major General Jagath Rambukpotha the Colonel Commandant. I would like to convey my very sincere gratitude to all ranks of the Regiment making the parade a historical and unforgettable one.
The entire programme of the issuing of the stamp clearly showed how Gunners respect their historical traditions. The final event of the series was the President's dinner with the Tribe to celebrate the awarding of President's and Regimental Colours at Colombo Hilton Hotel. This event brought all of us to the peak of the series of events. The speech of the Colonel Commandant was a most suitable one fitting the occasion. I would like to express my personal thanks to all officers for the fine arrangements of the dinner too.
All the events maintained an unexpressable and very rare glorious standards a Gunner would see only once in his life time. I am very much lucky to get an opportunity to view the entire series of events with great pleasure. I wish all the very best to the Regiment of Artillery. - by Maj Gen W A D Sunil Silva (Retd) at 2013-05-19

Let me express my heartiest Congratulations to Colonel Commandant and all Officers and Other Ranks of the Regiment of Artillery for an achievement par excellence. You Celebrated an Important mile stone in the Regiment's history in true spirit of the Gunner Tribe and made us all proud on 23rd at the Parade as well as at the Dinner on the 24th April 2013.
With the award of colours to the Regiment by H.E. the President a long felt need has been fulfilled and a lacuna adequately addressed. As a Gunner, Past Army Commander and a Former Chief of Defence Staff I was overwhelmed with pride and admired the true spirit of comradeship that had been the fountain of our success. As requested vide above referred my honest feelings and unadulterated comments are placed at the annexure and you may use them as you wish in the Special Edition of the Gunner Magazine.
Let me take this wonderful opportunity to congratulate all of you once again, for a job well done. May all your future endeavours be equally successful with the Blessings of the Noble Triple Gem and the Pantheon of Devas. - by at 2013-04-24

A 125th Anniversary of an organization is indeed a significant event; and so it is with the Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery. It was fittingly commemorated with a parade where the Regiment was presented with Presidential and Regimental Colours, and a brilliant Mess Night.
Colours were carried by infantry regiments in the distant past, as a rallying point to enable troops to identify their battalions and point of command. The custom of 'trooping the colour' was to make sure that the troops could identify their colours and hence find their regiment. Subsequently, the colours have taken on a ceremonial function and are now carried by regiments as a symbol of honour on which are carried the battle honours of the regiment. It is this context that colours have been presented to the Gunners, who have always had the Guns as their colours. It is indeed fitting that the Regiment should adopt an infantry custom, since the Gunners had two regiments that functioned in an infantry role, and suffered the most casualties in the last conflict. Carrying them on parade will remind us of the versatility of the regiment and a recognition of their gallantry and the contribution they made.
The parade on the 23rd April 2013 was of the highest standard and precision. It was a memorable ceremony on a very picturesque parade ground. The final 'advance in review order' and salute could not have been faulted and the Regiment can be proud of its performance in the best Gunner tradition. The Mess Night was a magnificent event, and I can personally only compare it with the Dining in Night, when as Young Officers, we were dined-in at the HQ Mess at Woolwich in 1951. The colour and the glitter of the occasion at the Hilton, were quite memorable, together with the precision of the service. The innovation of providing local artistes during dinner instead of the usual pipers was indeed very welcome. My congratulations to the Colonel Commandant and all the officers of the Regiment for a very fitting 125th Anniversary in the best traditions of the Regiment. - by Capt A J B Anghie (Retd) at 2013-04-24

It was with pride we watched the Gunner flag flying high on top of the tower when we approached Panagoda and as we arrived at the parade grounds, we retired officers were moved by the help and attention given to us. There was a grand festive atmosphere, and proudly we took our seats to witness the presenting of Colours to the Regiment by the President which was a moving event for all of us.
In the President's speech he spoke highly of the Artillery and the support the Regiment gave the Nation over the years. This was a very happy and a memorable day for the Colonel Commandant and all the members of the tribe. We appreciate the colourful and informative book we received at this parade which will be a souvenir for us. This historic day ended with tasty refreshments at the officers' mess which we enjoyed very much.
The President's dinner at the Hilton hotel which was on the following day was another day to remember. We were impressed to see the Gunner Memorabilia at the entrance. Refreshments and drinks were served while waiting for the arrival of the President which gave us enough time to meet and chat with old friends. We were happy to see the two Colour Flags displayed over the head table in the dinning hall which was beautifully decorated with flowers and trophies. We were amazed at the work put in to make every thing so perfect. The menu was done very tastefully and the service was efficient and well organized. The hundreds of waiters marched to the lovely music provided. It was a beautiful sight to watch. The dinner was unbelievably a grand finale to the celebrations and the Colonel Commandant's final speech was very moving and inspiring.
Last of all let me congratulate the Colonel Commandant, J C Rambukpotha and all members of the regiment of Artillery for all the hard work they put in to make all the events celebrating our 125th year a great success. - by Capt Don Weerasinghe (Retd) at 2013-04-24

One of the more remarkable persons of the 20th century, Sir Winston Churchill, who almost single handedly turned the course of human history, said at one of his briefings of military commanders, “It is no use saying we are doing our best. You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.”
I was reminded of Sir Winston's admirable insight into the human condition, when I was privileged to be present at both celebrations. The meticulous manner and precision with which the officers and men presented the Colours Parade left no doubt in my mind that it is a world beater. The parade square and the environment were full of positive energy and joy; indeed a remarkable spectacle and a memorable event.
The dinner had its own admirable collection of happy events and noteworthy moments. Again, it was an outstanding organizational visionary success that would stand out throughout living memory. The planning and execution of the event are without peer and the Gunner community worldwide would no doubt applaud.
I am pleased to offer a note of warm commendation to the Commanding Officer and members of all ranks of the Regiment for 'success in doing what is necessary' to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Regiment, and wish that there would be more outstanding successes in the next 25 years, especially in peacetime soldiering and community outreach. - by Capt D M H B Tamitegama (Retd) at 2013-04-24

The President's Dinner with the Gunner Tribe to celebrate the awarding of President's and Regimental Colours held at the Colombo Hilton on 19 May 2013 was a tremendous success and in keeping with the highest traditions of the Sri Lanka Army and the Regiment of Artillery.
From the moment I received the invitation emboldened in an impressive card of class and finesse I was convinced that the event itself, would reach the heights of excellence. The arrangements from the start till concluded, were meticulously executed befitting the presence of the Head of State, the First Lady and the selected VIP invitees. The music was soothing and the cuisine par excellence.
I take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to the Colonel Commandant who paid tribute to the retired officers in the course of his address. Loyalty, integrity and discipline are the most important ingredients inculcated in the lives of the “Gunner Tribe”.
Congratulations to the Colonel Commandant and his team for organizing this occasion, having looked in to every little detail, in order that this ceremonial dinner is hailed as one of its kind, the very best. Well done. Thank you My wife and I enjoyed every moment with the “Gunner Tribe”. - by Capt T D Samidon (Retd) at 2013-04-24

Let me first thank you for inviting both me and my wife to all the events connected with the 125th Anniversary celebrations. We appreciate it very much.
As a Gunner and a member of the “Tribe”, it made me very proud to witness the organizational ability, precision and the high standards achieved at all the events. The coordination and execution of events of this magnitude demonstrate the ability and the capacity of the Regiment. I wish to congratulate you personally and the officers and men of the regiment, and the ladies who under your leadership and direction produced an amazing display of professionalism in the organizaton of all the events and achieved a standard second to none. Well Done!
Being awarded the President's Colours and Regimental Colours on the occasion of 125th Anniversary of the Regiment was a proud moment for us all as Gunners. May it inspire the Regiment to aspire to reach greater heights of professionalism and brotherhood.
I wish the Regiment all success and all gods' blessings in the future. - by Maj Gen L C R Goonawardene (Retd) RSV VSV ndc IG at 2013-04-24

I wish to thank you and all officers and other ranks of our Regiment for inviting me and my wife for the 125th year anniversary celebrating, the awarding of President's and Regimental Colours and the President's dinner with the Tribe.
I congratulate you personally for the meticulous organization of the ceremonial events and I am gratified to see that the Gunner traditions that I cherish and hold so dear still continue. I am sure that the young officers of the regiment will learn from your example and be spurred on to maintain the high standards you have set for them.
Both my wife and I enjoyed very much the company of the present officers and their spouses, the sumptuous food, the music, the ambiance, the well thought out and precision coordinated events.
"Once a Gunner will always be a Gunner". We once again express our sincere gratitude for making us a part of this beautiful celebrations. - by Capt Deutrom Aluwihare (RELD ) at 2013-04-24

First of all allow me to congratulate both you and the Officers and GUNNERS of the Regiment for putting on a fabulous celebration to mark 125 years. Personally, I feel that if we are celebrating more than 1500 years, but that is a story for another time.
I know that to organize an event of this nature requires a large amount of careful meticulous planning, coordination, dedication and on top of all of that, also requires strong leadership skills-all of which you have shown to possess as the Colonel Commandant of this proud tribe. It is quite obvious that, in order to achieve this goal, you would have had to constantly motivate the officers involved and would also been forced to make difficult, and sometime even bitter, decisions which may not have been popular amongst some. Remember, as I have come to realize through my own experiences, that SMILES have not done any good to the Regiment or to the Army and have not produced any results to be proud of either. Those who may find themselves unhappy will one day come to realize this, and will come to respect your decisions. While the majority of us highly appreciate and commend you and the officers and gunners of the Regiment for what was a well-organized and remarkable celebration, there are those who might choose to refer to your efforts as providing only a small amount of contribution towards the Regiment. It is my experience that you cannot expect anything else from individuals of this nature, as they are not used to personally contributing anything of value to the Regiment or to the Army rather most of their work was carried out thanks to the hard work of their juniors.
It reminds me of the time-a long time ago-when I was a junior officer, one highly respected Indian Army officer who was kind enough and wise enough to tell me not to expect a pat on the shoulder whenever you do something excellent, or something to be proud of, because nothing we do will ever be appreciated by those who should, ideally be thinking back to their time in service and questioning whether they themselves have given back anything to the Regiment.
At this moment what comes to my mind are the Courageous, Brave-hearted individuals we should always remember and admire, much as Captain Sirimanne who died on the 85 mm gun at Pulukunawa when the gun position was overrun by LTTE, and also those gunners who pushed the 76 mm gun in front of the Infantry to fire at the enemy on direct role. I know this TRUE TRIBAL Regiment under your command is doing a lot for the families of those gunners who made the supreme sacrifice in defending our Mother Land and not forgetting wounded ones.
Well done Jagath and please convey my appreciations to all those who took lots of pain to make this event a successful show piece. Well done and Very well done. Jaya Jaya Jaya Sree! - by Maj Gen HB Thibbotumunuwe (Retd) RWP USP IG at 2013-04-24

It is with utmost pleasure and honor I pen my sentiments and stamp the impressions featured at the two grand events when we Gunner tribe united in fellowship in April 2013.
Firstly my thoughts provoked in suspense in receiving an invitation card of marvel, novelty of conceptual design for the Presidential Colours Awarding Parade. Thereon the Tribal Re-union Dinner with HE the President at the 125th Anniversary of Gunner Regiment. Here too the invitation card depicted the impressions of highest traditions of glory and honour or more fittingly to Gunner Motto “hqla;sh;a lS¾;sh;a hk uf.ysu”. Presentation gestures of both these cards were so unique and appealing. With this I as a retired Artillery officer carried a sense of self pride awaiting the participation for these two events.
Presidential Colours parade conducted at the 6th Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery Panagoda was so meticulously planned and precisely co-ordinated. This was evident from the time I stepped at the venue and conducted to my seat. Conduct and performance of Drills were remarkably executed in excellence.
I witnessed the logistical administration of we invitees being covered to the lowest but not least minute details which undoubtedly an expression of the GUNNER PROFESSIONALISM.
125th Anniversary Tribal Re-union Dinner with HE the President held at the Hilton Hotel is undoubtedly grandeur at it's best. Remarkably the most laudable aspect was the service ushered by the Hotel stewards of civilian mentality and background being synchronized to be militarised was a so heartwarming achievement of the Colonel Commandant. Precision service in it's timing kept the pace of the Dinner to it's scheduled time plan. This amply testifies that the Artillery is not just a Regiment but it's truly a TRIBE full of highest traditions, ethics and norms. Now it's timely and prudent to concentrate in continuing the good work accomplished to move forward by all Gunner subordinate officers. Improvements and consistency should be the key factor.
My best wishes to the GUNNER TRIBE and May Long Live Sri Lanka Artillery - by Maj Roshan Cabraal (Retd) at 2013-04-24

Many, many thanks for the outstanding leadership you provided in getting the President's and Regimental Colours to the Regiment when it was celebrating the 125thAnniversary.
The standard of the entire event was so exceptional, and will definitely have a major impact in setting an example to other units to work in the years ahead.
Thank you for inspiring this great team including hundreds of civilian staff to achieve such a successful outcome and thanks to all of you for your exceptional devotion and committment at all levels.
My special thanks go to the proud Parade Commander, Commanding Officers and the Colour Squad for the outstanding performance they displayed on parade. We were delighted with the presentation and were especially amazed to see modifications to the parade ground. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile. It was a pride for us to be a part of a historic event of such magnitude and to see the performance of dedicated and talented comrades. ( I trust I still can call them comrades being once a Gunner…)
We know how much planning, time and energy this assignment demanded, and we deeply appreciate all of your efforts to make it a great success. All the distinguished invitees would have noticed and appreciated your novel ideas, attention to details and relentless determination to produce a high quality event on time. As always, it's great to know that we can always count on you to go an extra mile.
I hope you know how much we appreciate your great work and trust you with your team will continue the good work. - by Col R V Koanwinne ( Retd) RSP IG at 2013-04-24

Wish you a wonderful anniversary celebration. - by Eshani Biyagamage at 2013-04-27

Congratulations to the Regt of Sri Lanka Artillery for Receiving Presidential and Regimental Colours. We members of the Gunners tribe are very proud of the valiant effort of Col Comdt,Offrs and all other Ranks including those who made supreme sacrifice. Well Done - by Lt Col Shiran Abeysekera at 2013-04-24

To the Colonel Commandant and All Ranks of SL Artillery
While acknowledging with grateful thanks the New Year Greetings,
my wife and I wish to convey our sincere good wishes for the New Year
to All Ranks and their families. - by Major HP Jayasuriya at 2013-04-13

very proud to see first day cover on Gunners celebrating 125 years. wishes for Col Comdt,offrs and all ranks. - by Lt Col Shiran Abeysekera at 2013-04-13

the Colonel Commandant,
and All Officers and Other Ranks of the Regiment of Artillery for their delicious Avurudhu gift, which was so attractively packaged and delivered to our home. - by Capt and Mrs G.I.E. Cadiramen at 2012-04-20

Dear General,
It is with great pleasure and gratitude I ack the receipt of the New Year
greetings and the basket of sweatmeats sent with courtesy yourself and All ranks of the Regiment. It brings back the nostalgic memories of the Regiment and the fabulous fraternity and brotherhood enjoyed among all ranks.
My wife and I wish to convey to you and all ranks of the Regiment and their beloved families our sincere good wishes including good health, peace, wealth and happiness in abundance. With best regards,
Henry Jayasuriya (Retired Major)
Ps- I deeply regret my inability to attend the Reunion Dinner at the Gunners’ Club at Minneriya on the 24th instant. Thank you immensely for the invitation. HJ - by Henry Jayasuriya (Retired Major) at 2012-04-16

I was trying to locate the E mail address of the Regt.Since it is not there this wishes and thanks Im sending to the col comdt officers and all ranks of the Regt on the occation of the New year.All the very best and good luck in all aspects on the march to a great future and also wish very high standard will maintain as today.All the very best
again and thanks for the RASA KEVILY sent home.JAYEN JAYA WEVA - by at 2012-04-16

Love to be there at any cost but leave problems have put a stop to my good trip to the Mahagedara sadaya.
Nevertheless thank you and the Regt for the kind invitation.
Good luck with it all.
Best regards to all, including Gen JR - by Sydney and Chandrika J at 2012-04-03

Your web site is created very well.Your organizing skills are marvelous. We are very proud of your creations and hard work. All your events are looks very organized and colorful. - by ASOKA HAWAII at 2011-05-01

Congratulations for the job well done.
The gunner’s reunion conducted in the highest standard is still the talk of the town. - by Col RV Koanvinne at 2011-04-26

Wish you a wonderful anniversary celebration. - by at 2013-04-27

Thank you-I join them in thier articulation even though I have never met any of them. Congratulations -keep the Gunner flag flying high. "once a Guinner always a Gunnner". My fond regards to Major General Rambukpotha - who I talked to and never met. I presume he was the one with hair shaven-looking bald bald but tough on the inside. - by Callistus Corera, USA at 2011-04-26

The Col Commandant, Regt of Artillery.
Dear General,
This is to place on record my deep appreciation of all the hard work you and your team of
organizers have had put in to make the evening of the Tribal Reunion a resounding success.
It was a very well organized event and my heartiest congratulations go to all of you in no small measure.
On a personal note, may I thank you for the provision of suitable transport to me from home to
the Artillery Officers’ Mess and back, without any hesitation. Thank you for the Gift Pack too.
May the Gunners go from strength to strength and let the Gunner flag fly higher and higher.
Well done the good work!
Henry Jayasuriya Retired Major - by Maj (Retd) Henry Jayasuriya at 2011-04-25

We wish to congratulate the organizing committee for the Tribal Reunion which was a great success. We had a memorable evening. It was a pleasure to be with you all. We wish you all the best for the future. Thank you. - by at 2011-04-24

Good site - by at 2011-04-11

The“ is a superb illustration which depicts the recent advancement of the Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery. It is gratifying to learn that website is being updated with all current events and day by day it becomes more impressive.
Colonel Commandant sir, please accept my sincere gratitude for your meticulous attention to detail and relentless determination to release a quality product on time in your usual considerate way. Dear Shiran, the extra time and effort you put in are certainly worthwhile. I am sure that all the members of the “Gunner Family” will join me to pour in complements to “ team” for their excellent job
“What is once well done is done forever" Lt Col Ajith Kolambathantri UN Stabilization Mission in
Haiti - by Lt Col Ajith Kolambathantri UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti at 2011-02-23

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Never before and never again.
Thank you Jagath,For practising your novel concepts every where.we are confident that each year the events will become more impressive with the trend you set. Thank you from all of us.We are proud to have you and your team. - by at 2010-11-09

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Well Done Gunners...Keep Going...Best Of Luck
and all the Best to Uncle Shiran for making this site a success!!!! - by at 2010-10-10

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My heartiest congratulations to col comdt SLA, bde comdt, centre comdt, so 1 RHQ SLA and all gunners who has taken tremendous effort and bold decision to open the gunner web site. specially I personelly know that Present SO1 Lt Col Shiran Abeyasekara has taken personel interest, effort and commitment to began this project despite of his busy work and ailment on leg. well done all who contributed for this event. excclent . keep going.
also i used to read almost all the articles. those are very coloful, intersting,atta ractive,educati ve and some are amazing.
all the best gunners.
keep going. - by Lt Col Upul Kodithuwakku at 2010-06-07

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Congrats to our Sri Lankan Artillery Regiment for putting this website together. Just reading the content, I am amazed to see the progress the regiment has made as a whole entity. It makes me even prouder to say that my Dad served in this regiment. - by at 2010-04-24

My heartiest congratulations to a regiment of best standards,reach ing further heights, Be the the Colonel Comdt be praised for a grand show and for his meticulous planning and executions,for reaching the levels far exellence to us, congrats to all offrs for a job done to the best traditions, keep up the standards.
Wishing a bright future for Arty, my Brother Regt. - by LTC Rajapakse- National Defence University - Washington at 2010-04-20

Just a quick post to extend congratulations to the Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery on the launch of the new gunner website. It's looking very good. Well done. congratulations to Colonel Commandant & everyone on a job well done and the beginning of a more maintainable and effective website. - by at 2010-04-19

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This evening I have gone through almost all the areas of the site. I must congratulate the Col Comdt and all members who contributed in making this mch needed invaluable website a reality.
Thank you all for your effort to raise the morale of those proud to be Gunners.
I confidently feel that this is a good sign to await more and more good news to come.
Good luck! - by at 2010-04-18

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