REGIMENT OF SRI LANKA ARTILLERY - Once a Gunner is always a Gunner; whether Locally or Globally.

11th Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery

11th REGIMENT OF SRI LANKA ARTILLERY The 11th Reinforcement Regiment Sri Lanka Artillery was raised on 30 July 1998 at Thambuththegama, Anuradhapura and since has seen in active service in the North. This Regiment was raised on Infantry role and performed commendable role in par with other Infantry Regiments to date. The Role of the regiment performed during humanitarian Operations conducted recent past under 58 Division starting from Vedithaltivu to Nandikadal was highly commended in many peers.


Lt Col ARS De Silva RSP USP psc IG SLA
From 20-03-2023 to date


Maj C Abekoon
From 30.07.1998 to 13.12.1999

Maj PMSA Pallemulla IG
From 13.12.1999 to 04.09.2001

Maj ND Wanniarachchi RSP IG
From 04.09.2001 to 23.02.2003

Maj MAAW Wijewardane IG
From 23.02.2003 to 04.10.2004

Lt Col WAVA Sudasinghe IG
From 04.10.2004 to 30.01.2006

Lt Col KNS Kotuwegoda IG
From 30.01.2006 to 27.02.2007

Lt Col N Hathurusinghe psc IG
From 27.02.2007 to 12.02.2008

Lt Col WNPSK Perera RSP
From 02.07.2008 to 03.08.2009

Lt Col MKUP Gunarathne RSP psc IG
From 03.08.2009 to 12.07.2011

Lt Col SUKB Senanayake SLA
From 04.10.2011 to 09.07.2014

Lt Col MWWA Madugalla SLA
From 10.07.2014 to 24-01-2016

Lt Col GJNW Fernando psc IG SLA
From 14.03.2016 to 15.10.2017

Lt Col DDGA Jayawardana USP psc SLA
From 16.10.2017 to 15.08.2019

Lt Col A M V D Abeysinghe RSP USP IG SLA
From 15.08.2019 to date

Lt Col KGMP Gunatilaka USP SLA
From 14-08-2021 to 20-03-2023

Lt Col ARS De Silva RSP USP psc IG SLA
From 20-03-2023 to date