REGIMENT OF SRI LANKA ARTILLERY - Once a Gunner is always a Gunner; whether Locally or Globally.


Brig AS Peiris IG
From 01.12.1989 To 01.09.1991

Brig CS Weerasooriya IG
From 12.11.1991 To 31.12.1993

Brig LP Balagalle IG
From 31.12.1993 To 01.12.1994

Brig AS Peiris IG
From 01.12.1994 To 03.01.1995

Brig HNW Dias RSP IG
From 03.01.1995 To 25.01.1996

Brig WG Alwis USP IG
From 25.01.1996 To 01.01.1997

Brig HB Thibbotumunuwe USP IG
From 01.01.1997 To 22.10.1997

Brig N Wijesinghe USP IG
From 22.10.1997 To 20.01.1999

Brig VR Silva RSP USP IG
From 20.01.1999 To 22.01.2000

Brig JJPST Liyanage RSP IG
From 05.06.2000 To 27.09.2002

Brig ADGA Jayawardane RSP IG
From 27.09.2002 To 31.01.2005

Brig JC Rambukpotha RSP psc IG
From 31.01.2005 To 03.07.2007

Brig M Hathurusinghe RSP IG
From 03.07.2007 To 08.02.2008

Brig PWB Jayasundara USP psc IG
From 08.02.2008 To 01.09.2008

Brig NAPC Napagoda IG
From 01.09.2008 To 18.06.2009

Brig DAR Ranawaka RSP IG
From 18.06.2009 To 08.03.2010

Brig WRP De Silva IG
From 08.03.2010 To 24.07.2011

Brig ND Wanniarachchi RSP IG
From 24.07.2011 To 27.12.2012

Brig PMSA Pallemulla USP IG
From 02.01.2013 to 16.10.2014

Brig NLK Samarasinghe IG
From 17.10.2014 to 04.04.2019

Brig MP Karunaratne IG
From 11.05.2019 up to 27.02.2020

Brig CS Munasinghe WWV RWP RSP USP psc IG
From 03.03.2020 up to 06.08.2021

Brig DP Welagedara RSP USP psc IG
From 18.08.2021 up to date