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Newly Promoted Officers Adorned with Rank Insignias


22 Officers of the Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery who were elevated to the next ranks, had the privilege of receiving their new rank insignias, coincide with the commemoration of the 13th “Victory Day”.

Colonel PA Nandatilaka RSP USP, Colonel LAR Gunaratne RSP USP IG, Lieutenant Colonel BMTA Baddewela RSP psc IG SLA, Lieutenant Colonel SRAMSG Rathnayake RSP USP psc IG SLA and Lieutenant Colonel DKOK Gunathilaka USP psc SLA adorned with new rank insignias by Brigadier HHKSS Hewage RWP RSP USP psc, Centre Commandant of the Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery, on 19 May 2022 at Regimental Headquarters, Panagoda.

The Colonel Commandant and all ranks of the Regiment of Sri Lanka Artillery congratulate and extend the best wishes for their future endeavors.